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Spring Branch History

Our Neighborhood History

The following history of the Spring Oaks neighborhood was graciously submitted by Irene Kovar, one of the neighborhood's original residents:

"The Kovar family moved to Spring Branch in 1953 and the Sledge family
moved here in 1956. This was like moving to the country. The city limit was at
Long Point and Wirt. There was a large farm at the corner of Long Point and
Pech. Mr. Arnold Hillendahl would plow the field with his mule, and this would
give my children pleasure just to watch.

There was only one service station on Long Point, run by Red Parrot and
one grocery store, "Gerlands." Also on the comer of Long Point and Pech
there was a drug store, "Dugan Drugs."

It was very peaceful and quiet with trees everywhere. Spring Branch Creek
was at the end of Bayram and Ronson, and this was an ideal spot for the kids to
run and play - but of course they were not supposed to go there alone. Our
children went to Valley Oaks, Landrum, and Spring Branch High.

Long Point Road was a two lane road with deep ditches on either side. This
was also true of Bingle. We had a very active Garden Club which eventually became a garden and hobby club as the ladies got tired of making flower arrangements that were judged by National Judges.

Eventually there was a hardware store next door to Gerlands grocery, but it
moved as they outgrew their space. They located further down Long Point
until they recently closed. Yes things have changed - it seems more like a
little town instead of a small community."

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