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Bingle Gambling Game Room Letter Writing Campaign

Posted by Grissett Alan (agrissett) on Apr 01 2010
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Within the last several days, the Spring Oaks Civic Association confirmed that the gambling game room at 1504 Bingle is still in the planning. The civic association checked for permits regularly since this issue was brought to our attention, and no permits have been issued for this address to date. However, I spoke with several workers at the site on Friday, March 26th, 2010 who indicated that the owner of the property was still planning on renovating the building and parking lot to accommodate the new business.

The workers indicated that the owner was planning on putting up a fence around the border of the cleared area to be developed as a parking lot. This fence would supposedly block the view of the strip center from our houses on the south end of Ronson and the west end of Panatella. Also, they claimed that no alcohol would be allowed, and a security guard would be present on site. However, the possibility of increased traffic, loitering, noise problems, increased drug / alcohol activity, and decreased property values as a result of this business operating is still present.

Glenn Smith, Spring Oaks Civic Association president, called the City of Houston Code Enforcement inspector responsible for this property, and the inspector indicated that the owner had submitted several plans, but the plans were rejected. Smith also called the Houston Police Department storefront location on Long Point to keep them updated on the latest developments. In addition, Smith called the Super Neighborhood #86 - Spring Branch East president, Bart Harris. Harris and Smith determined that a letter writing campaign targeted at the owner of the commercial strip center in question would be an appropriate way to let the owner know that his efforts are not welcome and that the community does not support his activities.

If you are opposed to this gambling game room, please support our letter writing campaign by either writing your own letter, or using this sample letter, and then sending it to:

Parvaz Holdings LLC
PO Box 17234
Sugar Land, TX 77496-7234

Please do not harass, threaten, or intimidate the owner in any way. This should be a civil letter to let the owner know that we are opposed to this gambling game room opening up in our community. We need your help on this, so please take a few minutes to write and send a letter. We will keep you updated as we learn more.

Alan Grissett
Publicity Committee Chairperson
Spring Oaks Civic Association 

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